The International Symposium

on Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Educational Technology

1. Information

The 2020 International Symposium on Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Educational Technology (ISCSET-2020) shall be organized on the 21st - 23rd October in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by the Mongolian Institute for Education Research (MIER) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports.

It’s purpose lies in providing researchers, scientists, employers and students with an outlet to introduce their ideas at the international level, develop and reinforce professional and international cooperation as well as to acquire and disseminate innovative knowledge.

This symposium has been organized on an annual basis since 2012 with valuable support from universities in Mongolia, Germany, Russian Federation and China.

Due to the current conditions, the format of the symposium shall shift to a mixed format with it taking place in an in-person and online format. This decision was reached due to the “Covid – 19” virus outbreak and it is our sincerest hope that our previous participants and new participants shall be understanding of the circumstances and continue to support our operations.

Scope of topics:

The International Symposium is structured into three main topics. Contributions connected to these topics are prioritized accepted. Submission of contributing papers related to defined topics is encouraged but not limited. All contributions will be evaluated by ISCSET program committee by peer review.

  • Computer Science
    • Computer vision and image processing
    • Internet of things and its application
    • Artificial intelligence and its application
    • Computer Engineering
  • Embedded systems
    • Smart City – Research and application
    • Robot and robotics
    • Automotive Software Engineering
  • Educational Technology
    • Teaching and learning with technologies, ICT in education
    • Active learning methods based on technologies
    • Education Technologies, Digital learning
  • Personalized learning Special session “Training in international summer symposium”
  • Issues in the theory and practice of education
    • Policy and management of the education
    • Education challenges, development and training

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